Tropical Palm Trees began as a seed of an idea about 25 years ago.  It has today grown into a premier supplier of artificial palm trees from coast to coast.  From a centrally located facility, Tropical Palm Trees started as a regional supplier throughout the Midwest.

              With our 8,000 square feet manufacturing plant, we are fast becoming known nationwide, not only for the quality of our artificial palm trees but for service to the industry as well. 

The expanded production facility, located in Missouri near Springfield and Branson, can maintain the output and inventory for immediate customer fulfillment in both the residential as well as commercial markets.

              From our production plant right in the Heartland of America, quality control is your assurance of the most realistic and durable artificial palm trees available anywhere.  Fulfillment requirements from 1 to 1,000 most orders are shipped within 72 hours.  Top-notch Customer Service and large inventories of stock trees are our commitments to meet your demands of providing your guests with an incredible poolside experience.  An experience they will want to return to again and again.  When they're with you, they're in paradise.

              Any climate, any season, indoors or outdoors. From Boston to Bakersfield. From Anchorage and Apalachicola, Tropical Palm Trees can transform your property in just a matter of hours into a lush and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy as though they were visiting an exotic island paradise. And if you think Labor Day is it for your outdoor pools, not so. Your guests will be enjoying those attracted by thoughts of tropical oasis latitudes away. Just imagine how much attention your property will get with Christmas lights twinkling on your palm trees as the snow gently falls in Denver or Detroit.

              It really is very, very simple...pools are the focal point of many properties, and Tropical Palm Trees creates an irresistible inviting and appealing atmosphere.  They attract attention.  They attract customers.

              Which brings us back to simple.  We simply manufacture the most realistic, durable, and affordable artificial palm trees anywhere, period.