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Single Coconut Palm

              Tropical Palm Trees manufactures the most realistic durable, versatile and affordable indoor and outdoor artificial palm trees available anywhere...the Tahitian Coconut Palms, only from Tropical Palm Trees!


               Imagine creating an environment so irresistible you and your guests will be completely enthralled. A lush tropical paradise for your guests to enjoy as though they were relaxing on an exotic island paradise, the warm summer wind, a tall cool refreshment, and the palm trees gently swaying in the warm tropical breeze, waving all their worries away.


                All Tahitian Coconut Palms are individually fabricated to give each and everyone it's own distinct personality. From the core support of the all-steel superstructure for unbelievable strength even in high winds to the high-grade UV stable polyethylene palm fronds, right down to the tapered trunks constructed of advanced synthetic composites that simulate the natural look of palm trees found only in the South Seas. So realistic they are even engineered to sway in the wind.


                  Durability and action are the best ways to describe the incredible realism of our palm trees. Only the highest quality materials are used which gives our palm trees phenomenal action as well as great strength and durability, which gives you, maintenance-free, peace of mind.

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